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Nakadashi Banzai (Harajuku Dating Paradise) - Procédure de lecture et procédure pas à pas

Nakadashi Banzai (Harajuku Dating Paradise) Guide
This is a walkthrough for all the possible routes in Harajuku Dating Paradise, the English version of the Hentai style visual novel by Ume Soft. This is a dating game where one horny player cruises around town searching for hot babes to bring back to his hotel room to plow. There are many key choices you must make to successfully get one of these hotties in bed. I have done the work for you. Simply answer each key scenario with the following choices to get to the hot and dirty sex you're looking for.

Go North
Here and there.
Take a walk.
Towards that big building.
A nearby coffee shop.
Hey, you there.
Are you free right now?
What do you have there?
Oh, are you looking for a job?
Oh, wow. That�s too bad.
Office work in Marunouchi?
You�re gonna sell your smile?
A beef bowl shop?
Can you help me?
I can hardly believe it myself.
Come on, come on. It�ll be fine.
Uh�I dunno.
It�s really too bad, but I guess it�s your choice.
Yeah, they�re all hard at work.
I really think you can do this.
Let me check.
It�s to record the interview.
How about a special interview?
Let�s relax a little before we begin.
Spin around for me.
Please change into a swimsuit.
It�s pretty much the same as a swimsuit!
Don�t forget how big of a chance this is.
Just as I thought, they�re amazing.
It�s going very well.
Save Slot 1
Her boobs!
Use a vibrator.

Go South
Take a walk.
In front of the department store.
Excuse me, could you help me out?
Thanks for stopping.
It would really help me out.
Now, now, don�t be so modest.
I�m so jealous of your husband.
Did you just get married recently?
I never would have guessed.
I wanted to ask about your beautiful skin.
Well, let�s go, then!
Do you like it?
It�s like a baby�s skin.
Your skin�s really beautiful, huh!
So�couldn�t you�?
Such high-quality material�

Is it hard to sleep?
Save Slot 2
Put something in her mouth
Her ass, not so gently

Erika Go East
A cute one.
Hey, Darling!
Fall down in front of her.
I�m s-so sorry�please, stop�
Ok, I�ll come with you.
I�ve got good news and bad news�
Do you like me?
Tell me cuter.
If you�re paying attention, it�s much easier.
I can believe that.
No, there�s no way you could be scared, right?
Are you scared?
Are we just gonna do it like this?
Let�s do our best!
Well, that�s how games go sometimes.
Even though you�re about to cry, you look cute!
Save Slot 3
Focus on her upper-half
Between her legs

Kotomi CG Recovery
Load Slot 1
Stay with her pussy.

Kozue CG Recovery
Load Slot 2
Play with her breasts
Her ass, gently

Kozue CG Recovery 2
Load Slot 2
Play with her�

Erika CG Recovery
Load Slot 3
Focus on her lower-half
Use a vibrator

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