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SinVR - Procédure de lecture et procédure pas à pas

Video Playthrough By HornyToonDog:
SinVR Playthru
On sinVR's website, they say "ENTER the Forbidden World of SinVR. ... With a growing library of characters and environments, SinVR is the destination for amusing adult entertainment, in VR or on your PC. ... VR support for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift with Touch." Well, let's see how true this is. As for the VR equipment part, I am unable to test that out due to not being set up for VR. As for the "amusing adult entertainment" aspect, let's test that.

As I arrive in the game and go to the Character select screen I find that there is a wide array of playable girls to choose from. 18 stages and 19 girls to be exact. Of each stage and girls, 7 of them are Parody examples, these are meant to simulate popular characters from movies and video games.

� Olgana
� Aurora Sky
� Olga Babushka
� Mrs Wilson
� Chica Caliente � Delia Fangs
� Tiffany
� Rodeo Show
� Gili Fox
� Dominique
� Britney
� Nurse Lavana

Parody Girls:
� Wonder Slut
� Huntress
� Calavera Catrina
� Jessica
� Dragon Milf
� Alana Quinn
� Scarlet

Each girl has her own native stage that was built for her but you can choose any girl and play her on any stage you desire.
� Mile High Club
� Sputnik 69
� Classroom
� Playa Cubana
� Deep Crypt
� Hotel Bedroom
� Saloon
� Crystal Cave
� Shooting Range
� Test Chamber
� Silent Asylum

Parody Stages:
� Jolly Olde London
� Nordic Tavern
� Dia De Muertos � Seedy Alley
� Meereen Temple
� Penistentiary
� Luxury Pad

So after I chose my first stage and girl I am met with what can only be described as loading screen hell. Long, long load times and if you want to hear more of me ranting about this make sure to read our review on this game. The stage loads and I am impressed with the environmental visuals and somewhat impressed with the character models.

I click the in-game menu to see what the non-VR controls are...

It is pretty basic and somewhat limited without proper equipment. Basically, you use the mouse for everything including using the wheel to zoom in and out and clicking dead space and dragging to change the angle.

After playing a while I discovered on my own that you can click on her breasts and waist using the mouse to move her titties and ass around as you please which caused some disturbing graphical and physics anomalies.

You can cycle through the available sex positions and scenes at will whenever you like..

The seeming goal here is to fill the pleasure bar at the top to achieve orgasm but to be honest, I did this more than once and nothing really special happened...

After playing further into the game I began to notice some interesting stuff. The girls have some custom remarks to say to you before, during, and after sex. My favorite was the flight attendant who goes on and on about how her boyfriend who happens to be the pilot flying the plane has been sleeping around on her and she wants you to give her a hot mile high revenge fuck right there on the plane. Here is a meme to illustrate the scene...

Or when I was fucking the parody character of Jessica Rabbit in a seedy alley and she kept asking about Roger and where he is right now...

Some of these made me LOL hard as fuck. At least I can say this game as a level of amusement, and isn't that part of the original promise? "Amusing adult entertainment", I am beginning to think they were telling the truth.

All of the sudden I am kind of pissed off because I found a stage where I am allowed to spank the girl with some items, only problem is I can't pick up the items because I am using a mouse and not VR equipment, So I am forced to spank the girl without the enjoyable experience of actually spanking her with the available items....

It sucks to look down at all those cool objects knowing that other players can use them but you can't.

That's about it. There is not a whole lot to discuss, this is a sex simulator and I am sure if I had VR equipment the experience would have been more exciting to read about. Even with just a mouse, it was a fun few hours. Lot's of very nice sex positions, hot sex noises, dialogue, and interesting findings throughout.

Oh, do you like futanari? This game even has a hot Futa scene in store for you. It is little things like this that kept me going through the whole playthrough because it surprised and encouraged me to keep going. The shooting range with Naomi will result in a hot Futanari chick with a dick fuck scene...

Give SinVR a try you might love it Be sure to also check out our review --> SinVR Video Game Review

You can play the full game at