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Yareel - Procédure de lecture et procédure pas à pas

Video Playthrough By HornyToonDog:
Basics and fundamentals: When you first start the game you will be asked to choose a gender. Yareel is also available in many languages and choosing a language makes it easier to find compatible mates as well.

Yareel is a community for different types of folks and generously allows players to choose their desired sexual orientation. Your options include straight, bisexual, or Lesbian. I did not understand why "Gay" was not an option but "lesbian" was.

After some more formalities like your nickname and other things you will then get down to the business of telling the game all about your deepest most secret sexual desires by checking the boxes next to the sexual interests that pertain to your own individual wants and needs.

Settings and profile: Now that you chosen the basics about yourself it is time to take care of the important task of building your rofile and settings the way you want before you actually dive into this game head first. To do this you must access the user menu by clicking on the hamburger icon in the upper left hand side of the user interface.

This will open the user menu which contains the most important clickable menu items in the game such as friends list, find friends, the bar, messages, and more. To access your profile click on your own username in the upper left corner at the top of the user menu.

It is here you can edit all the aspects of your public profile. You can change your sexual orientation at any time by checking or unchecking the provides boxes. You will recieve rewards for filling out each area of the profile this encourages players to have full profiles. You can upload a photo by clicking the large camera icon in the "info" tab. Be warned however, Yareel does not allow pornographic images to be uploaded by users and you risk your account being banned if you do so. The rest of the info tab is just basic stuff like what you like to talk about, your hight and weight, and what language you speak. Invisible mode:

By activating invisible mode only your friends will see you online and you will be completely invisible to new players or players not on your friends list. Game info tab: Here you can find a list of your achievements, you wish list, and you recieved gifts.

Your wish list is a list of items you desire and makinbg it public allows other players to see that list and decide whether or not they would like to gift those items to you. To see your wish list click on the pictures and you can add or remove items whenever you want.

Other players can send you in game gifts ranging from clothing, to poses, and even VIP memberships. To see gifts you have recieved and who gave them to you click on the gifts icon.

In game currency: This game has three distinct types of currency. Berries, Coins, and energy(condoms). Berries: This is one of the in game currencies. Some products can only be purchased using berries and the amount you have is displayed in the left side of the screen.

You can purchase more berries through in game transactions using real money. Or if you do not want to spend money on berries you can earn them by inviting friends and other people to join the game. Here is a screenshot of the current pricing for berries....

Coins: Coins are the other main in game currency you can earn coins by completing your daily quest, achievements, and more. Some things can only be bought with coins.

If you want to buy coins you can use berries to buy coins. Here is a screenshot of how many berries per how many coins....

Energy (condoms): Energy represents the amount of condoms you have. Yareel promotes safe sex is a creative way here. You wont see an actual condom on the cock though during sex for those barebackers out there worried about a ruined experience.

You have five condoms by default and every time you engage in a sex session you use one condom. if you run out of condoms you can always buy more by clicking on the plus icon or in the customize tab. You use coins to purchase more condoms. Condoms regenerate after 20 minutes so unless your really horny you might want to just wait for a new condom.

My room: Your room is where your character takes girls to to have sex with them an you can change the style and decor using in game currency. Also your room is where you go to access an alternate in game menu that gives you access to many important features.

On the right side you can see several menu elements. The find friends button is the same action as the one on the left. Quick play

Quick play is the way you can quickly join sex session in progress or find others looking to have a quick sex session. You can broaden or narrow your quick play search using diferent options.

� You can choose the desired number of players such as one on one or a threesome
� You can choose the genders you are looking for
� You can check the box to ensure you get same language speaking players
� You can also choose to either play with only signed up players or guests as well

Other room buttons: The other buttons are pretty self explanatory. "Customize" will take you the area where you can customize your character and room using your inventory. "Play with __" is a bot you can have sex with if you are bored or you cannot find a real human quick enough. "Share" allows you to easily share the game with friends to redeem rewards. "Daily quest" is a daily assignment that if completed will result in rewards. My experience: Now that you know the basics of Yareel lets start talking about my personal experience while playing the game. After going through the initial set up and arriving in the game I at first wondered what my initial action should be. The goal is to find some pussy right? So how do we do that? Well there is quick play, find friends, or the bar. I decide to first try a crack at searching for and finding friends to talk to. Find friends: The find friends search function lets you choose country, language, height, weight, and more to find your match. I put in my desires and off we went...

The first girl I found called Chloe is from Australia.....

So I clicked "send message" and hit her with a clever line!

One after another I repeated this process with girl after girl and nobody responded. These girls just didnt want to talk I guess! I even tried gifting one a month of VIP and then she blew me off. After trying and trying and trying I gave up and moved onto the next method for finding sex. Quick play. I was soon dissapointed.

I soon found out that "you are number 27 in line" means I will be waiting for the next week before I get my dick wet. That is when I tried the 3rd method and the one that was successful for me in the end...... The bar

The bar is a community chat room in every sense of the word. You can openly court poential mates and compete with other men for a girls attention. You can have a seat with them and buy them drinks and gifts. It was here that I met the girl I would fuck.

She could not resist both my beta male persona and my offer to buy her a month of VIP. So eventually she accepted my advanceds and took me to her pink room. Afte chatting her up on the bed for a minute I was waiting for the right time to make my move.

After some smooth talk i was finally in that pussy.

I fucked her and whispered sweet words in her ears the whole time and cummed all over her. We went again right after with handcuffs. Welp thats it guys. That is the story of how a hornytoondog got laid in Yareel. I hope you enjoy your own unique journey in this game. Be sure to also check out our review --> Yareel Game Review

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