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Chathouse 3D - Revue du jeu

Introduction Thrixxx studios is a well known and famous maker of interactive sex games for many years now. Known for the game changing 3D Sexvilla and sequel, many people figured it was only a matter of when and not if they would eventually bring that winning interactive sex game formula to the online multiplayer space. well that time has come my friends but is it really all that it is cracked up to be? Does their winning formula translate well to this new platform or does it shrivel and fail like a sad flaccid impotent penis? Let's give it a play and find out.


I am a gamer first and foremost and a pervert secondary to that. With that in mind I have pretty high standards for graphics. But even someone with more moderate standards might have a word or two to say about this games visuals both bad and good. I launched the game with the highest graphics and resolution settings available. I must say I was impressed by the reflective quality's of both the environment and the characters but was disappointed with the simplistic models for the surroundings such as furniture and solid objects. Things seemed very generic. With this being the one and only area you play his game in you would think they would do the one and only play area justice and spend every penny and hour it took to make it polished and amazing. If you ever played a 3d platformer on PlayStation 2 or the original Xbox this may look familiar to you and in 2022 that may not be acceptable to everyone. The more I looked at the visuals the more I got heavy SecondLife vibes big time. Speaking of SecondLife, it was known to have horrible framerates even on super fast systems, and Chathouse 3D is no exception, it was choppy and jumpy even on my extremely expensive gaming rig. Also noticed were very confusing and at times even annoying issues with the character camera, it would often get lost behind walls or random areas and I would lose all sense of where I even was. I dont want to hate too heavily on this games visuals so I will at least say for the record it is not so horrible that it is unplayable, and for those looking for hot sexual encounters in a interactive online space the visuals may be secondary in their list of priority's.


Being an online interactive gaming experience gameplay is very non linear in this instance. The game puts a huge emphasis on interactivity with a huge list of ways to interact with other real players around you. Anything from emotes, to private messaging, to dancing and various other poses to even voice chat are at your disposal in this world. When you enter a server you are dropped into the back yard area of a typical L.A. mansion. There is an infinity pool, a lounge area, and an interior area of the main house. As far as I know this is the only area in the game(I might be wrong but never saw any other areas). You soon become overwhelmed with the huge amount of possible things to do to other girls around you but also quickly find out it takes two to tango in the real world. Unlike an offline non-multiplayer experience, here it takes consent, so you will not likely be going balls deep in some va jay jay minutes after entering a server for your first time. The amount of stuff in the player menu is quite overwhelming and you think you may need to read a huge online knowledge base to even figure it all out. Asking others for help is also not going to get you anywhere as they are there for the illusion and not to play tech support. In order to get laid on the regular you will have to login frequently and build actual relationships with these girls, grow your reputation in the community and eventually it will be easy. You might get lucky and find a slut to bang like I did one time in a two hour period. Oh and I didn't even get to cum, she got off� me and left me in bed alone to go fuck some other guy. I think thrixxx would do itself favors by having someone write an in depth guide to how to play this game, it would help new players not feel so alienated at first.


The immersion section of my reviews was added to accommodate VR games specifically. Chathouse 3D advertises that it is compatible with VR equipment. Sadly this was not the case with me. I own an Oculus Rift S, this is one of the latest models from oculus and it should work with any game claiming to have VR capability. The way you are supposed to be able to launch the VR experience is by going into the game menu after entering the play area and choosing "oculus" as your game camera. No matter what graphics settings i tried or what tweaks I attempted over an almost full days period All I ever got it to show was a grey screen with distorted audio. Going into the thrixxx knowledgebase was a waste of time as it has nothing helpful on the subject of VR. It offered no troubleshooting advice whatsoever. After all of this I was forced to abandon the VR portion of my review. I was excited to make it for you as I cannot see any other examples of anyone reviewing that aspect of the game from their own experience anywhere online. maybe there is a reason I cannot find it, they had the same issue as me?


In conclusion, aside from the above mentions I also have to add one last negative experience. In preparation for this review we attempted to purchase the recurring premium plan several times with different credit and debit cards and kept being declined. after further research it was discovered the declinations were happening on thrixxx payment processors end because our banks confirmed no such transactions ever even reached their end of the hand off. Here is some advice directly for thrixxx, the average customer will never put forth as much effort as we did to buy your products, you must be missing a huge amount of sales due to visitors bouncing from your payment page after being declined. As far as the game goes for me it is a mixed bag. This is one of those games where I have to heavily consider the average mindset of the type of person who will play it. Would the average personality to playing this game care much about the framerates, graphics, lack of promised VR capability and the overwhelming nature of the in game player menus? I think the average horny bastard will be much more disappointed in the fact that they likely wont fuck anyone right away or even for many days. Maybe adding a server with consensual bots for those without patience would abate this issue. Either way the price for full access is very reasonable if you can manage to get your card accepted. So if this kind of online sex experience with real players excites you then go ahead and give it a try, you might think it's the best thing since sliced bread.


  • The price for full access is nearly half that of competitors
  • There is some fun to be had
  • The possibility to form real online relationships with real people exists


  • Outdated graphics
  • poor framerates
  • annoying camera
  • card may be declined when trying to buy
  • Your VR equipment may not work
You can play the full game on

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