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Meet And Fuck Games - Revue du jeu

Introduction Do you guys remember MnF club? Of course, you do. Well if you just want to enjoy the art and animation from that game without the hassle of talking to real people Meet and Fuck games is what you've been looking for. Is it worth it though? Keep watching to find out!

Story MnF Games is a collection of multiple games so the story is different for each one but let's be honest, it's more of the same for every game you click on. Now, this doesn't mean that the stories are not worth it. In fact, it is weirdly entertaining and hilarious at times, really it is. If you want a side of back story with your porn you'll be served with these games.

Graphics The site's interface is old, like a 13-year-old kid's first MySpace page. The interface is rudimentary HOWEVER it is efficient and straight to the point. No bullshit ads, no loops and hoops to get to what you want to browse and see. Categories are clear and cut, when hovering any link to a game a thumbnail pops up next to your cursor. Overall even if the site doesn't look up to date the clarity is on point. You have your basic option like sorting the collection of games, a forum, and a menu to see the current progress of the next game's development. Let's talk about what matters: the game's quality. I will give credit where it's due and almost every game if not all are of surprisingly good quality. They are detailed and crisp. Animations have variants and multiple speeds, something reminiscent of MnF club and old flash games however in this case it is done masterfully. You will probably recognize a lot of characters either because you played MnF club or other mainstream games from other game companies or cartoons from your childhood. These characters have slight alterations to avoid copyright strikes but let's not get into that. Multiple artists are working on the games so you have an animation style for everybody and with a collection that goes back to 2009 something is bound to catch your eye. The art becomes increasingly better over the years. You know what they say, practice makes perfect.

Gameplay Controls are simple and intuitive, even when not explicitly shown the players know what to do. In the VAST majority of the games, you'll have a simple menu with slow, normal, and fast options to play the animations. Those animations are either immediately played by advancing through the funny dialogue or you'll have to play a mini-game, in any case, no aspect of the controls is frustrating. Games usually have a story mode and a sex scenes mode if you just want to get down to business. Outside of the games you have the option to go full screen at a simple click of the mouse, you can also add a game to your favorites to go back and enjoy a game you jerked off to. Speaking of favorites, you'll have over 360 games to enjoy although about 70% of these are flash games so you'll either need a flash browser or a browser extension to play the older games. Those flash games go from 2009 to late 2018. I will cut them some slacks about that since the transition between flash and html wasn't smooth for a lot of content on the internet.

Sound Sound, we get to the part I am both happy and angry with. First, let's go over the pros, you have sound effects for SOME of the games and there is always a tune playing for all of them. That's it, now the cons: Why does MnF club not have ANY sound? It's the same company, isn't it? Whatever, let me calm myself, this is a review of meet and fuck games and not meet and fuck club after all. As I said all games have a track playing and although amateurish or even straight-up stolen from another game/movie/cartoon/anime they are passable.

Conclusion I am pleasantly surprised with the site. Yes, it does look archaic but everything about it seems less lazy than MnF club. Is it fair to compare the two? Maybe not but even when not taking MnF club into account Meet and Fuck games is something I truly enjoyed. The process of signing up is clear and fast. You get exactly what you want, no smokes and mirrors, no red tape or bullshit steps. The content is abundant and of quality. Now for the question that burns your mind and lips: Is it worth it? Yes without a doubt. If somebody were to sign up to Meet and Fuck games they would do it because it's what they have been looking for. The creators of the site aren't dishonest or trying to lure in potential customers. Everything is there, clear as day, when you visit the site. That being said a minor programming error will make the user get an error message. It doesn't impede in any way the playability of the games but this might frustrate some people. PS:if the administrator is watching this review please edit your phpconfig to fix the login and access to the forum sql error. you need to change one simple word in your phpconfig file to stop this error. Please make the change circled in red.

- Impressive collection of games
- Detailed and appealing art
- No ads and overall good clarity

- Subscription based
- More than half of the catalogue are flash

You play the game over at

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