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Red Light Center - Revue du jeu

Red Light Center Review


If you ever played a game like SecondLife and also enjoy porn then this may be an experience you are looking for. An open world life simulator with an xxx theme. In the genre known as "online virtual world" to some, Red Light Center has been around since 2005. Inspired by Amsterdam's red light district, the huge open world online community game offers users access to virtual night clubs, hotels, stores, movie theaters, bars, and much more. so let's see is this OG game is still holding up in 2o22!


As mentioned before this is an open world experience where an entire community and even an entire alternate life is simulated. The in game currency known as "Rays" can be earned in game or bought outside of the game. The currency has an entire virtual economy attached to it, you can use it to pay strippers, hire prostitutes, buy items, give as gifts, and much more. You can even exchange your rays for real currency on the open market. Other than the money you quickly realize you are playing an older game yet you stay sucked in by the overwhelming amount of things to do and see. Even now in 2o22 for a game that was released in 2oo5, there are still large crowds of players mulling about in the various areas ready and wiling to interact with you. You start out with basic clothes and a avatar that you create when first starting the game. You can adjust every aspect of your characters appearance such as physique, hair, age, dick size and more. Once you are all set you jump into the world starting at an entrance hub where you will find many players walking around. You are on your own now and must find your own path in this online world of sex and sin. There are plenty of places to go and jump right into the sex as a solo act with NPC characters. This is good because it may be hard to find a real player partner to engage in sex acts in your first day. Also you will find tons of locations streaming live porn videos and you can rent whichever ones you want using your rays. There are tons of locations all easily located in the online directory where you can go to teleport to any of the locations listed. Many of these places were built by players themselves. Many of them have rules you need to follow or you risk being kicked or banned from the area. All in all I found the game to be very interactive both with humans and objects and I had a pretty fun time in the world.

Immersion So we have to have another talk about VR. A game that was designed and coded in 2005 will never be a true VR game. I think games like this should just accept that and not try to deceive customers with tall tales of VR capability when it just really isn't there. First off the ability to use VR equipment and the levels of capability of that equipment depend on the hardware you own. Oculus users like myself are the worst off since you are unable to even use the controllers to move around in game. Basically if you own an oculus you will simply only be able to see the world in 360 degrees and for a game that doesn't look all that good to begin with, this isn't exactly a huge treat. However, looking past the whole fake VR marketing, there is still a world where immersion is possible even without VR. The way the environment makes noises, the way you can interact with objects and furniture, the fact you can go anywhere you want whenever you want, this all adds up to immersion the old school way.


In conclusion, Red Light Center is an experience any gamer who likes porn needs to try. Do not expect a VR experience but do expect a fun experience. If you have played secondlife then you know exactly what you are in for with Red Light Center. Interactivity is 10 out of 10 amazing and the ability to cultivate relationships with real people i this virtual world can be a godsend to certain people. The catchphrase RLC uses is "EXPAND Your Fantasy", and I must say I agree.


  • Huge open world
  • crazy amount of virtual locations many built by users themselves
  • Amazing level of interactivity
  • The game is all inclusive for all members of the LGBTQ community and hetero as well


  • VR promise is a hollow one
  • The game feels very dated
You play the game over at

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