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Sex Sim 2 - Revue du jeu


Over the years I have reviewed two previous products from California-based studio Ripened Peach. Those two products, Inked Ravens, and Sex Sim, were decent and I gave them both an okay score. Ripened peach specializes in 3D sex simulation and emulation but has yet to cross into the world of true VR. Sex Sim 2 is rebuilt from the ground up on a new graphics engine and my job is to find out if it is better or worse than the first Sex Sim.


Even in the absence of VR capability, Sex Sim 2 is pretty immersive overall. There are a lot of options and features that contribute to your ability to dive deep into the fantasy and get lost. First off with eleven vaginal sex poses and 7 anal sex poses available it is easy to keep the action fresh. I will note that at the time of this review oral sex poses were not yet implemented but Ripened Peach has stated that this feature is coming soon. The camera control is amazing allowing you to catch the humping from any angle you can imagine without clipping anomalies. There is even a selection of filter effects to make things interesting like night vision and VHS style. Set the mood by choosing the weather, you might want to fuck in a lightning storm or if you prefer the sunny sky it is all up to you. Speaking of having it your way, Sex Sim 2 is gender identity friendly allowing for multiple unique sexual experiences involving non-traditional gender types. That brings us to the character creation module. The character creation feature is very in depth with almost every part being customizable. There are currently only two locations in the game but I am sure more are to come. In each location you can fast travel instantly to multiple key areas for your sexy action with one simple click. Controlling the pace and passion of your encounter utilizes a unique new controller which involves a single dot and and a horizontal/vertical map. I have a few negative notes however, the lack of group sex options is a let down. Also I was unable to figure out how to pull out and cum on my partner, I was only able to cum inside.

Art And Graphics

As I mentioned before the graphics for this sequel have been re-imagined from the ground up and I must say they look stunning. The character models are splendid and the environments are pretty. Both of the currently available locations are not created equal however, the island is much more impressive than the house. While fucking on the beach you can almost get lost staring either into the sky or ocean. Adding weather control makes it even more surreal such as activating the very colorful aurora borealis. The framerates are super smooth and I had zero lag playing on ultra settings at a very high resolution. The sexual action was accurate and realistic with well designed animations and precise penetration dynamics. Other than having sex you can even walk around your environments in a free roam mode to explore the sights. Everything in this game is just bright and colorful and has a sunny feel. Graphics are certainly one of the main improvements over the original.


The sound in this sequel is better than the original but still falls short. The orgasmic moans and breathing from the characters can be repetitive. In one case the girl made the same sound over and over again for quite a while. The island map has some basic environmental noises such as birds chirping and a slight wind noise but things could have been much more elaborate. When I am fucking a girl literally feet away from the surf of the ocean it kind of takes me out of the fantasy when I cannot hear the water at all. Also, and most importantly in my opinion, there needs to be some sex noises added. I am not talking about human vocalization, instead I mean the sound of skin slapping against skin, things are just too quiet when I am rapidly pounding a chick from behind. No girls ass cheeks are that quiet.


In Conclusion, if you enjoyed the original Sex Sim then you will love this sequel even more due to it's much better graphics, superior framerates, and comprehensive character creation. There is even an environment editor to make your own maps. The sound creativity could use work but overall I think this game is destined for glory when it has a chance to grow and be updated. Go check it out it is definitely worth a look and a fap.


  • Amazing graphics
  • Smooth framerates
  • Realistic Physics
  • Comprehensive character and map creation


  • Not everything is added yet
  • Lack of group sex
  • Lack of external cumshot
  • Lack of more in depth sounds


You play Sex Sim 2 at

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