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VR Paradise - Revue du jeu


VR Paradise is a virtual reality game that is meant to simulate the authentic strip club experience. From Totem Entertainment and available on steam, VR Paradise already has an amazing Steam user score so I had to see what all the fuss was about. The goal is to provide the user with the same atmosphere and feel of being in an authentic strip club. So without any further delay, lets get right into it and see for ourselves!

Art And Graphics

The graphical items and environments in VR Paradise are done very well. Seemingly everything comes together to bring you into the world of strip club action, from the environment, to the girls, and even the occasional subtle interactives like glasses filled with liquor waiting for the user to grab and drink them. When setting everything to high(which can be done with a medium/high end gaming pc) you truly see the level of stunning detail in the character models. After all it is important since this is VR and poor graphics and character models would take you out of the entire feeling being sought after here. The models of the girls are hot and sexy from their skin, breasts, genitals, and clothes down to even the delicate features of their cute faces. The only negative I noticed were the eyes of the strippers which seems to look off into the abyss instead of into the users eyes. This can be a constant reminder that this experience is fake, why wont you look at me?? The second choice for strip club selection is by far the more impressive graphically just because it has more shiny elements and is set in the far future but both clubs look pretty nice with not much to pick apart as far as I am concerned.


The moment you enter the club you find a pretty convincing recreation of a living breathing strip club. You see barely dressed women everywhere with some pole dancing and others walking the isles. Some of the girls can be seen sitting in lounge chairs waiting to be approached. Also in the club are some male visitors, a bartender, and some bouncers. You an choose how many of each kind of NPC's there are in the club before even entering.

The background contains typical club music that resembles the kind of beat that can be danced to by hot girls. You have full freedom to interact with the club as you see fit. You can teleport around to many pre-determined key locations or to anywhere you want. Want to just pull up a seat drink a cocktail and watch a random girl grind on the pole? Sure go ahead. Or you can find the hottest girl in the club and while targeting her press the X button to interact with her via a 3 to 4 choice menu. Interactions with the environment while limited have their charms such as grabbing object like a cocktail and taking a drink. So with little else to do you will soon find yourself interacting with a hot stripper. Once you open up the interaction menu you have a couple options such as "call her" or "offer her a drink".

If you offer her a drink she will simply drink a glass from a table and sit there with no further response which I found to be a bit lame. The developers could have come up with a chain based event where my buying her a drink leads to more interactions. Putting this slight aside I continue through the interaction menu and "call her". After I call her I see a new menu of options where I can ask for a fully nude private dance, a pole dance fully nude or a topless dance out in the club. I couldn't wait any longer and like a sweaty brace face virgin teen boy I instantly chose the fully nude private dance. The screen goes blank and suddenly lights back up and I find myself in a private back room with the stripper in front of me dancing removing her clothes, and since she already was mostly naked it takes no time at all for her to reveal her bare breasts and fully bare vagina. It is now that I realize that here is some motion capture tech going on here because nobody could animate such a natural looking strip and dance scene. Now fully naked she starts to get on top of my lap and grind on me and does an erotic dance that shows off every angle of her naked body. People always ask me who are unfamiliar with sex games if people actually masturbate to the games and with this particular experience I can confidently say that many many people will be masturbating with their VR headset on during this private dance. By the way, yes I tried to grab her breasts and pussy with no luck lol. But I did find that you can smack her ass with movement of the controller, be careful however because too many slaps to her butt in a row will cause her to terminate the dance early. After this initial fully nude private dance which was a delightful shock to the system, I found myself back out in the club area and interacted with more girls. I tried all of the possible services such as the topless dance and the private poll dance. I quickly found that there is a risk of this game becoming repetitive for those looking for a wider array of experiences.


It is evident that VR Paradise Tries very hard to help the user immerse ones self in the over all experience. Does this game recreate what a strip club is like for the most part? Yes I think it does. The moment you enter the club you get an erotic and naughty feeling thanks to everything from the color scheme to the music and of course the large amount of mostly naked girls dancing for your pleasure. During the private dances the girls are right in your face and on top of you which is sure to spark an erect type of feeling in most players which is the ultimate goal right? Well a lot of those positives can be hampered by the negative side of the coin. namely the desire to interact with the environment which offers little joy in that respect. You may soon get bored with grabbing a glass of alcohol and drinking it. You quickly find that your special inventory items while at first look fun turn out to not be very fun because nobody but you reacts to them. You will crave more dialogue from the girls, and you will crave more interaction with your environment to really help with the immersion.


I am confident in declaring VR Paradise an excellent sandbox style strip club simulator. The graphics are mostly amazing especially the girl models which are stunning. With DLC coming out and more in the future to come it could be a worthwhile investment for some people. There is definitely work to be done with expanding the interactions with both NPC's and the environment overall. Allowing you to build a deeper relationship with the girls via dialogue and then attaching it to some sort of progression system would be great to see and experience here. I am not the first reviewer and will not be the� last to point these negatives out and hopefully Totem is working on fixes and adopts new features to address user complaints.


  • Great character models when it comes to the strippers
  • The clubs have an authentic feel
  • The private dances are quite arousing and erotic


  • The girls eyes do no track with the user and they are always staring off into space which can be distracting and disturbing
  • Lack of environmental and character interaction
You can play the full game on

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