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Yareel - Revue du jeu

Video Review By HornyToonDog:
Yareel aims to take the formula for sex simulation and expand it into an online community allowing players to interact with others around the world. Of course, introducing sex simulation to the online world is bound to increase the level of realism and immersion involved in the experience, but does Yareel fully implement what needs to be implemented or does it miss the mark on the fundamentals? Well, let's dive right into it.

Yareel allows you to create your own story. Escape from life and use Yareel's profile editor and chat experiences to form your own character, background, and personality. Are you reserved and conservative in real life? Maybe in yareel, you are instead the loud and obnoxious life of the party. Yareel offers the player the option to escape from reality and enjoy what they always dreamed life would be like in social situations. The ability to read other players profiles and see their interests allows the player to plan in advance how he or she will approach a potential mate. Using the right first sentence may be the most important aspect of courtship in Yareel.

Well, you, the player are the writers of this story. Immerse yourself in the online world that is Yareel and tell your own story. Expose yourself to the many stories others have to offer as well. Roleplaying is abundant on Yareel and you are bound to find someone looking to play the role that is just right for you. The community is diverse enough that players with an everyday romantic interest and even players with an outrageously unique roleplaying idea will both find a place to be happy. Whether you are chatting in the bar or one on one in a direct message you will write the story of the day each and every day that you open Yareel and dive into its world.

Art And Graphics:
Yareel has okay HD graphics. They are not the best in the world but this game is much more about the real human interactions that happen in the chats and direct messages. The relationships you build within the user interface are much more important than the actual sex simulation that comes later. So let's talk about the user interface, it is clean and smooth with obvious clues to what each item represents. The colors are a bit muted and dull however and it would be nice if the layout were not so beige. As far as the sexual simulation parts, you have what is called your room, it is adequately designed with a 3d human avatar representing you the player. The actual models of the human avatars are crude yet not totally shit. The colors are bright and the animations are somewhat smooth. I noticed some jerkiness with some of the sexual positions and some attention could be paid to allowing more FOV. Gameplay:
The gameplay in Yareel for me became much more about strategy than I ever thought it would when I first opened it up. Remember you are courting real human beings, not robots, it takes a mixture of social skills, emotions, and awareness to spark another players interest in what it is you have to say and offer. One who has not played Yareel might speculate that it is a lot of sex but to be honest the vast majority of my experience was courtship and interactions in text chat. Just like in real life, a potential mate is in most cases not likely to just jump on your dick just because you said 'please". Those with actual social skills will succeed in Yareel and those with no social skills will struggle. This is almost an oxymoronic idea since many people play such games because they feel they lack skills socially in real life. I think Yareel in this aspect offers much more than just a sexual experience and in fact, can be a good exercise for introverts to learn how to open up more socially and how to find a good rhythm when talking to potential mates. As far as the sex goes, once you enter a one on one, threesome, foursome, or kinky sex session, you can chat in text or voice chat if you have VIP. Also, you can switch positions on a whim depending on which ones you currently own. You can also control the speed of the action in real time. When your pleasure bar is almost full you can cum when you want. One of the negative things about the sexual simulation moments is you only have two available linear angles you can view it from. Why not allow the user full 360-degree viewing ability as well as freehand zooming? ALso during what appears to be the direct or instant message system the conversation did not update in real time for me, instead I had to click the "messages" menu item repeatedly to see new messages. This is a major flaw in my opinion that must be corrected.

The sound in Yareel is lacking and maybe a huge afterthought on the developer's vision for this game. When you are not actually in a sex session there is little to no sound most of the time. Having just minor sound effects such as when you enter a message, click a menu item, click other elements, and various other sounds help to break up the silent boredom that can sometimes build up. Since this is a game you will be spending in some cases several hours on in one sitting, it would be nice to have more sounds to hear. Also when you do actually enter a sex session the vocal sounds are underwhelming, to say the least, and as far as ambient sound it is nonexistent. No sounds of the sheets rustling, skins slapping against each other, or bed springs creaking. What you are left with is a very sanitized feeling that makes it hard to sink into the desired realism you expect from such a simulation.

In conclusion, Yareel is an amazing concept that proves there is an enjoyable experience to be had with online sex simulation. While Yareel falls short on some obvious elements the idea of connecting with real people and courting them is so interesting and engaging you almost forget about the annoyances. Yareel could push out some updates that address some of the flaws and negative aspects of its experience and go from an okay game to an outstanding game. Even in its current form, Yareel is definitely something you should try. It has a free version that is fully capable of letting you make up your own mind about how Ya"REAL" you want to get.

* Allows you to connect with other players from around the world
* An active and vast community
* The bar area is in beta but is an amazing addition
* Courtship is like real life and those with the skills to talk will succeed while others will need to learn

* Uninspired sound
* lack of sound effects in the user interface
* An annoying instant messaging system that does not refresh in real time
* Lackluster character models and graphics

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